Dr. Abdullah Bin Muhammad Bin Fahd Al-Zahid


  • Doctorate in Jurisprudence and Islamic Law “Shari’a”
  • Doctorate in Business Administration
  • Investigator of aircraft accident.
  • Royal Saudi Air Force Military pilot served for 30 years.



  1. Born in Al-Hufuf in 1369 H. (1950 AD)
  2. Joined primary, preparatory, and high scholls in Al-Khobar governorate. Finished high school in 1389 H. (1969 AD)
  3. Joined King Faisal Air Academy in Riyadh obtaining Bachelor Degree in aeronautics dated 04/05/1392 (16/6/1972 AD) with Flight Lieutenant rank.
  4. Graduated from Al-Oyayna General Staff College bearing Master Degree
  5. Certificate in Military Sciences dated 1408 H (1987 AD)
  6. Retired with Staff Air vice Marshal Rank in 07/09/1419 H. (26/12/1998 AD).
  7. Performing free business including running his own corporation (Mirmah Trade and Contracting Co. Ltd).
  8. Received Diploma of Sharia “Islamic Law” dated 2009 from the Higher Institution for Islamic Studies based in Cairo “Under supervision of Ministry of Higher Education as enrollment”
  9. Received Master Degree in Jurisprudence and Islamic Law “Shari’a” in 20/03/2011 from The Open Islamic University in Arab Republic of Egypt.
  10. Received Doctorate Degree from Ashbery University “USA” dated 13/09/2012.
  11. Received Doctorate Degree in Sharia “Islamic Law” dated 20/10/2012 AD from The Open Islamic University in Arab Republic of Egypt.



  • Electronic signing in financial transactions, authentication between Sharia and law.
  • Electronic payment, role and risks in relation to management of business.(PHD)
  • Notebook of Islamic Preacher (licensed as second edition).
  • From the Al Sakifa to Karbelaa (licensed as first edition).
  • Ibn Taimia and his radical views (PHD licensed as first edition).