FEVICOL (Adhesive) complete product range

Fevicol SH

Adhesives_Sealants1Synthetic Resin Adhesive used for bonding wood, plywood, and laminates, veneers, and particle boards, block board/hard board & MDF to each other. Ideal for woodworking.


Features & Benefits

  • Synonymous with strong bond in wood and furniture industry
  • Unsurpassed bonding strength
  • Resistant to water and heat
  • Gives high coverage



  • 125 gm, 250 gm, 500 gm. 1 Kg, 3.5 Kg,30 Kg, 200 Kg



Adhesives_Sealants2Used for bonding plywood, MDF, particle board, laminate and veneer to each other, good for woodworking.


Features & Benefits

  • Synthetic resin adhesive
  • Can be mixed with sawdust and used for filling knots and holes in timber and wood
  • Economical adhesive for mass produced furniture with quality assurance from Fevicol



  • 500g, 3.5 kg, 30 kg, 200KG


M.Seal GP

Adhesives_Sealants3Useful for sealing, repairing, joining & for insulating ferrous and non ferrous metals, glass, asbestos, concrete, ceramic, marble etc.

Making up uneven surfaces in ferrous & non ferrous casting.

Filling blow holes & even giving smooth radii to joints/corners of wooden or metal patterns / masters.

Repairing dents & also mending silencer pipes.

Repairing damaged insulators, sealing leaking transformers, moisture proofing & preventing loose terminal connections.

Sealing leaks in ships & boats.

Sealing leakages in the radiator & petrol/diesel tanks.


Features & Benefits

  • M-Seal is a two component epoxy putty having excellent adhesive properties and resistance to chemicals, etc
  • It is moldable
  • Ease of mixing
  • Cures to a hard mass
  • Can be shaped, drilled, filed, sanded, painted upon


Directions for use

  • Mix resin & hardener thoroughly till homogeneous
  • For best results ensure that surface is free from rust, dust, moisture, oil, grease etc


Fevicol Super Glue

Adhesives_Sealants4Used for bonding most plastics, rubber, ceramic, metal and porous materials like wood, leather.

Used for repairing broken plastic parts, joining footwear, leather articles, making ‘O` rings.


Features & Benefits

  • Bonds in an instant
  • Withstands temperature from -40°c to 90°c
  • Clog resistant nozzle, preventing wastage



  • 3g ONLY